sight-specific installation in Tartu Art Museum
metal / wood / pvc

Anyone entering the museum is greeted by Flo Kasearu’s installation Party Next Door, adjacent to the entrance. This is a small collection of offers and prayers by artists that were left on the museum door as a request for an exhibition. The form of the pieces was inspired by the primarily urban practice where an apartment building’s entrance door becomes a message board for notices with contract info and an interest in purchasing an apartment there. The substance was inspired by the phenomenon experienced time and again in a while their mailbox receives a request for presenting the sender’s work at that precise location.

All notices, offers and signatories used in the piece Party Next Door are fictitious and have no relation with the dominant reality.

Is This the Museum We Wanted. Exhibition catalogue. Editor Rael Artel. 23.01.14–16.03-14, Tartu Art Museum.