performance / installation / 2019

video / HD / 8′ / 2020

Choreographical dramaturgy in collaboration with Oksana Tralla

Astra Tikas, Keithy Kuuspu, Marit Miller, Birgit Orulaid, David Truusa, Aleksander Kobrissev, Ellen Gosman, Kristina Sorgus, Valeria Ovcharenko, Anastasia Masalova, Gertrud Kuusmaa, Hanna Lisette Helekivi, Diana Harten, Kärt Kurvits, Liisi Siibak, Piret Kartus, Katarina Nyyssönen, Heneliis Notton

cinematographer / editor / color grade
Epp Kubu

sound director
Liisa Taul

Moonika Maidre

“Client’s day” demonstrates the potential of  Panel Block House ruins, located on the fringe of Tallinn, only minutes away from the sea.

“Client’s day” shows gentrification in progress as it has reached Tallinn. It reflects on the artist’s role within those processes as they are usually the first ones arriving to previously derelict areas and creating value – to be later pushed out once it becomes too expensive. In this video the real estate broker speaks about the future as present, ignoring the actual present – the artists who are there at the moment, as they are often seen as temporary hole fillings. Another issue the artist tackles is the tension between building new buildings and reusing the old ones. The 1980s panel block architecture depicted in the video used to be considered ugly. However, it may become more and more appealing as the gentrification moves on.

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