Ainult liikmetele (Members Only) is a site-specific project on the American Estonian diaspora and current members of the New York Estonian House, taking place in all of the 10 different rooms of this three-story Beaux-Arts building in Manhattan’s Murray Hill. The Estonian House parallels Kasearu’s beloved “Flo Kasearu House Museum” in Tallinn, in which the artist has turned her family’s home and personal living space into a public museum. Ainult liikmetele (Members Only) provides a new narrative for the Estonian House filled with humor and absurdity, based on its past and possible future, while providing new insights into the complexity of national identity. Familiar settings are rearranged, new objects are added and visual elements highlight specific practices. While several characters occupied the rooms, Kasearu and Kadri Sepp, the manager of The Estonian House New York, were leading the tours.