installation / 730 × 868 cm


In Flo Kasearu’s work Landscape Painting (2013), a tsunami wave is depicted on a large-scale banner format, presented in front of the altar in Rakvere’s church for the occasion of Kilometre of Sculpture.

The work was originally produced for and exhibited as part of Flo Kasearu’s House Museum, where it was presented on the courtyard; the size and placement of the painting employed to purify the view from the museum’s windows, also because the neighbours’ house did not stylistically fit in the atmosphere of the Pelgulinn district in Tallinn.

As positioned in an urban environment, Landscape Painting creates the illusion of being immersed in nature, while at the same time it acts as a reminder for the absence of nature over an increasing sense of human nature, and the potential threats and disasters that are luring around as a consequence of that outbalance.