landscape installation at Flo Kasearu House Museum
video / HD / 8`

camera / editing
Epp Kubu, Flo Kasearu
Artjom Astrov

Flo Kasearu House Museum has engaged in several exchanges with more-established institutions. As part of her work for the Gwangju Biennale , the artist invited a professional gardener from South Korea to travel to Tallinn and re-design her garden. In the context of a Nordic, wooden-house neighbourhood in Tallinn, the project is impressive and unexpected. Behind the 100-year-old house, a garden of totally alien logic is slowly developing: its forms have all been derived from precise geometric shapes, each element has been consecrated and its meaning determined according to traditional Korean gardening principles. The Korean Garden is the largest installation at Flo Kasearu House Museum and, according to the gardener, one of only four Korean gardens known to exist in Europe.

Text by Rael Artel