performance / around 1 h
Catwalk / video / 2′ 08”
Catwalk II / video / 0′ 46”
video / 0′ 26”
in collaboration with Oksana Tralla, Veronika Vallimäe, Marianne Männi, Riina Maidre


“Holy night” is a performance synthesizing elements of theatre, performance, dance, visual arts and pure social experiment. Initial impulse for all five freelance artists is their role as mothers. Background is current year and space, in this country, system, society and world. Five artists who meet to create a performance, their kids accompanying them at the rehearsals. There are five women on stage who are looking for balance between their roles as mothers and artists. How to be a Woman with kids and how to stay an Artist with a newborn? Children expect unconditional love and excellent solutions in any circumstances. These little requests consume most of the day and night, leaving the women and female artists with very ephemeral amount of time for self-realisation. We all know this sort of. This performance articulates this again and again with examples and comic, tenderly and painfully – what happens when mother/artist wants something for herself besides kids.

camera Epp Kubu, Siim Kask