Drawings in Gotland local newspaper

During three workshops arranged by BAC on Gotland March 14 th -16th, the Estonian artist Flo Kasearu had planned to find out more about the fears of Gotland by mapping them in a series of drawings. Since 2013 the artist has mapped and visualised the fears and nightmare scenarios of different groups. Lack of knowledge gives birth to speculations and the imagining of all kinds of possible events. The question is how far to let one’s paranoias soar? Mapping the fears on paper is like art therapy: if you deal with your fears and share them with others they will most likely seem smaller.

The artist managed to carry out one out of three planned workshops before the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic put a stop to the project. Instead of gathering with the groups on Gotland the artist sent out a survey to all of the people scheduled to participate. The artist then finished the drawings back home in Tallinn, which also resulted in Gotland being portrayed from the east rather than from the usual mainland perspective. Although all the drawings depart from the fears discussed by resident Gotlanders participating in the project