urban installation / intervention

“Excuses” is a series of charcoal drawings depicting real life excuses used to justify domestic violence, everything from dying in a video game to getting bitten by a tick. A similar series of drawings was same time on display at Tallinn Art Hall at Kasearu’s solo exhibition “Cut out of life”. In its essence, intimate partner violence is abuse of power in self-interest. Similarly, corruption is also abuse of power in self-interest, currently discussed in relation to the Tallinn port area, next to the Explorer building.

Flo Kasearu uses drawing to comment on everyday events or social problems. “Even though the facade of this building is ideally meant for displaying bold light shows, I wanted to approach it from a completely different angle and show classical static charcoal drawing on the state-of-the-art LED screen,” said the artist. “This contrast between the two media is as absurd as the “excuses” men have given to justify their violent behaviour. Because we all know that violence and abuse of power cannot be excused.”
Text by Kaarin Kivirähk

Commissioned and produced by CCA, Estonia