intervention in Park de la Barasse, Marseille

in collaboration with Sara Bédard-Goulet

“Three sources led to journeys among the people settled on the ruins of the Roman Empire: the zeal of religion, the ardour of conquest, the spirit of adventure and enterprise, mixed with the greed of commerce. What drives us to travel today? What kind of traveler can one be in this world?”
‘(Dis)covering … Mountains’,

The walk-performance ‘(Dis)covering … Mountains’ takes its name from a pocket book artist Flo Kasearu and researcher Sara Bédard-Goulet created in collaboration with each other, published in English and French towards the end of 2020 as part of the ‘Roots to Routes’ programme. The book explores an epic journey to Marseille amidst the coronavirus outbreak, embarking on various places along the route until reaching the end destination at Park de la Barasse. ‘(Dis)covering … Mountains’ is partly about an imaginary journey which, through travel writing and drawings, describes the hidden culture and landscape of the Park de la Barasse, known above all for its toxic red mountains.

Commissioned and produced by Roots to Routes