site-specific installation in Raster gallery, Warsaw

Are we too close? Are we too far apart? Who is comfortable? Who has enough space? Who owns the space? Who has too little? Who has too much? How big is the gap? What is a space for a woman like, and where might such a space be? A “Gap” is a spatial installation with a series of “Startups”, a display of objects resembling round, skin colored objects, maybe a potato – a symbol that has become closely connected to Estonian nationality. Although the potato was not introduced to Estonian tables until the 18th century, it soon became a staple food. During the Soviet occupation, Estonia was one of the leading countries for potato production and became known in the Soviet Union as the “Potato Republic”; it even became common for Estonians to find themselves being physically compared to potatoes. Additionally, the sprouts of the potato became a hanging sculpture resembling a new ‘being’.